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Your reliable partner for top tier Technology Consultants

FrankAsia is where technology & transformation teams go to find the top 20 percent Specialist Technology Professionals "On-Demand" for everything from routine technology support to complex, multi-year transformation programs.


Too many organizations are stuck having to choose between paying the high fees of the branded Consulting/SI firms, hiring full-time employees they don’t need, or turning to a low-cost agency that can’t meet their quality standards.


At the same time, top technology professionals want to work on exciting, challenging technology projects, but they want more control over how, when, and where they practice. Both are forced compromises that no one should have to make.


Frankasia shares and meets the higher standards of its clients and IT consultants, with our “Talent First Approach” – connecting growing mid-market and Fortune 500 companies with the world’s deepest bench of experienced, specialized technology talent.”


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"Accelerating Ambitions by bringing the world's best technology projects and people together."

Our Numbers in 2022


Top-Tier, Specialized IT Consultants deployed


Global and Regional Enterprise Clients Served


Virtual Bench of Top 20 percent IT Professionals


Project Completions or Contract Extensions

Our Mission is to Accelerate Ambitions by bringing the best technology projects and people together.


We believe and have experienced firsthand that by bringing the best organizations, leaders, and technology professionals together to tackle the most ambitious and exciting transformation projects, we can make a positive, lasting change in our personal lives, in our organizations, and in the communities we are part of.

Everyday, we work tirelessly to support our technology consultants and the leaders in forward-thinking organisations, ultimately to help our people to build a life and career they love.

Our Services

FrankAsia is where technology & transformation teams go to find the top 20 percent of technology professionals for everything from ongoing technical support to complex, multi-year transformation programs across different Countries. We provide software engineers, system & business analysts, architects, tech leads and project managers "On-Demand" in the following areas across APAC:

Enterprise Applications

Oracle ERP
Microsoft AX | D365

Software Development




We Work With the Very Best

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