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Hello, we are FrankAsia, nice to meet you!

We are APAC's leading technology consulting platform, bringing the most exciting, visionary transformation projects and the best technology people together to accelerate their ambitions.

With our unique “Talent First Approach”, we systemically identify and hire the top 20 percent of Technology Professionals into our Consulting Practice for the latest and most in-demand technologies and skillsets, enabling our Clients to engage the best of the best Technology Consultants and entire Project Teams "On-Demand" for their most ambitious and challenging work ahead. 

As of 2022, we have deployed over 120+ technology consultants across Enterprise Applications, Software Development and Transformations, with a strong and growing presence in Hong Kong, Singapore and Dubai.

Business Meeting

Our Mission


Top-Tier, Specialized IT Consultants deployed


Global and Regional Enterprise Clients Served


Virtual Bench of the Top 20 percent of Specialist IT Professionals


Project Completions or Contract Extensions

Our Mission is to Accelerate Ambitions by bringing the best technology projects and people together.


We believe and have experienced firsthand that by bringing the best organizations, leaders, and technology professionals together to tackle the most ambitious and exciting transformation projects, we can make a positive, lasting change in our personal lives, in our organizations, and in the communities we are part of.

Everyday, we work tirelessly to support our technology consultants and the leaders in forward-thinking organisations, ultimately to help our people to build a life and career they love.

"Accelerating Ambitions by bringing the world's best technology projects and people together."

Our Core Values

"Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines,  practiced every day" - Jim Rohn

Below are ours to help us grow personally and professionally:

Make It Happen

Take Ownership & Contribute

We believe the only way to advance in our career and life is when we take full responsibility for everything that happens to us.


We trust and empower our team members to make the change and outcomes they want to see in their work and life.

Do What's Right, Always

Have Integrity & Humility

We believe that if we start compromising on our integrity and/or start believing our own hype, then all the "success" we achieve is meaningless.

We want to stay humble, treat everyone with respect, and always do the right thing, even when no one is watching. 

Keep Growing

Have Self-Discipline & Consistency

We believe the secret to lasting success and happiness is to keep growing by showing up and doing the work every day.

If we want to best that work and life has to offer, we ourselves "have to become more", gaining self-respect and self-confidence in the process.

Enjoy The Ride

Live with Passion & Gratitude


We are grateful for the amazing group of team members we have and the unique opportunity to work with some of the brightest and most visionary technology leaders and organizations in the world.


We want to keep using our business as a platform to help each other to dream bigger and experience life to the fullest by providing access to the best and most exciting (International) opportunities.

We Work With the Very Best

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Accelerating Ambitions

Join The Success!

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Unit 1905, 19/F, Kinwick Centre,
32 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong



Employment Agency Licence No. 63296

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